A One Parish Study

Trefeglwys is a parish in the medieval cantref of Arwystli, and in the historical county of Montgomeryshire. In modern terms, it resides in the county of Powys.

The parish was split into the townships of Bodaioch, Maestrefgomer, Esgeirieth and Dolgwden. In historical terms, the church served as an administrative unit – measured as a parish – and it is this parish this website proposes to study. The geographical area of the parish is around 8 miles long by 3 miles wide.

This site was set up in 2005, in an attempt to understand the parish better and also to share and collaborate knowledge.

The Reseracher

My name is Alison and I live in Llanidloes. Firstly, I’m a genealogist and my family has lived in the Trefeglwys parish for at least 500 years. Unravelling some of the families became complex, and there are many overlaps.

It became easier to try and document many sources to provide context – I was keen to understand the social history and environment in which these families lived. Living that long in a small area, my ancestors no doubt helped shape the area as it is known today. So that’s my movitation for pulling this website together.

A local one parish study is more than I will be able to accomplish in my lifetime and I recognise how huge this task is. If you are interested in contributing material for this website, please get in touch. All sources will be credited.

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  1. Hi Family are the BUNFORD,OWEN(S) &JONES OF D0LGENE
    do you know anything of the Forrest,Penrorin,Dolgene&Rhydydyvie?
    I would be very greatfull of any help PAUL

  2. My mother’s family lived at Church Farm, Trefeglwys and the last direct relation who lived there was my great uncle James Davies who sold the farm when he retired in 1947 to his cousin Owen Jerman. My three times great grandfather was the Reverend James Morgan who was Vicar of the Parish for about 40 years from 1810 and who also farmed at Church Farm. The Reverend Morgan’s daughter married my GG Grandfather David Davies. Do you have any information about the Davies family prior to 1750? I should be grateful for any information you can provide including the best way to research my family’s history. Thank you.

  3. Hello,
    glad to see you are providing information. I am excitied as I was able to trace my Edwards anecstors to Trefeglwys and Carno parishes. The following report was done for me by researcher Jennifer Lewis at Powys Co. Archives in June 2010:

    “Marriage record for Alexander Edward de Carnoe et Margaretta [Margaret] ap Jon [John] de Treveglwys on July 7th, 1664. This indicates that Alexander Edwards was from Carno, which is a parish next to Trefeglwys. The Carno register starts in 1638 but is very difficult to read. The name Alexander cannot be read due to fading of the records. If Alexander was born in Machylleth then the parish records there do not start till 1684.”

    Parish records are in Latin. The Carno register starts in 1638 but is very difficult to read as it is now faint and in Latin. Researcher tried to pick out name Alexander but without success.

    The family (with 4 other children born in Wales) immigrated to Pennsyvania in Amereica on the ship “Vine” in 1684. There is quite a bit of information written about them there.

    I wish you well in your research, and if you come across the family of Margaret ap Jon in Trefeglwys, or Alexander Edwards, I would love to hear from you!. Thanks again for posting your work. Let me know if you are interested in this family in America
    Jean Edwards (Oregon)

    June 2, 2010
    Source Title: Powys County Archives, Powys, Wales. Researcher: Jennifer Lewis

  4. One more thing,
    the son in law of Alexander and Margaret was Griffith Miles of Llandowi, Radnorshire, , Wales. Is this possibly the same town and county as Llanidloes that you are researching? I often am confused with the Welsh spellings and changes in county names over time! Apologies for my ignorance!

  5. My great grandfather’s name was Jenkin Morris who came to the US in 1878 via Aberystwyth and Liverpool. We are having trouble figuring out who his parents were. I have a Welsh Bible with the the following written on the title page — Jenkin Morris, March 30, 1873, Glanyrafon. He was born in 1840 or 1841. Did that city exist in the parish of Trefeglwys? Thank you for any assistance or direction you might be able to give. Thank you.

  6. Mary – Glanyrafon is the name of a house/farm, which is situated in Trefeglwys (more specifically Llawryglyn). Glanyrafon was usually occupied by the BENNETT family. MIght it be possible that Jenkin was a servant or farm worker there?

    Thanks to everyone else for their comments. Sorry I am unable to respond in more detail at this stage, I’m still in the process of attempting to get this website off the ground.

  7. Hi

    Does anyone have any information about/connection to Edward REES born 1771 and had at least 7 children with his wife, mary Richards at “Llwyr(yn)madin”, Eskirieth, Trefeglwys.

    By 1841 and 1851, he has remarried Martha, but is still living at that farm.

    His daughter, Mary Rees (1806) married Stephen Higgs in 1828 and their first (illegitimate) son, John Stephens (who later started using the name Higgs) is to be found at his grandfather’s farm.

    Any insight welcome.



  8. Hi

    My Great Grandfather was the Vicar of Trefeglwys Rev John H Rowlands. Do you have any info on any his daughters?

  9. Thanks Alison for all your good work. The Trefeglwys site(s) have helped me a lot with my family tree research and tracing the Watkins and Edwards who lived at Caemegan. and pointed me in the direction of Pontdolgoch where another branch (Jones and Savages) were innkeepers at The Mytton Arms. My grand father, David Watkin, emigrated to South Australia in 1911 via a short spell in Pontlottyn. I recently found the exact spot where Caemegen used to be, using Old Maps and Google Map, but it’s now only a scare on the side of a hill.



  10. I have been following your site for many months as I have ancestors from Trefeglwys – many hours looking at my research has left me with a probem about John Evans of Trefeglwys. It may well be that you could sort me out – May I contact you with my query – my E mail address is – jv.ashely@sky.com.
    Many thanks – Hope you can assist. John Ashley

  11. My grandfather William Bebb was born in Trefeglws in 1861 and would like to know of any information regarding the Bebb family
    Thank you
    Ivor Lewis

  12. Hi. I was thrilled to find your website, thank you for all the hard work you must have put in to it ! I loved finding the wills of my ancestors- Thomas Issard 1742-1820 and Sarah ( Bennett ) 1762-1840. the family appear to have lived at Church Farm, passed on to Rev James Morgan and David Davies ( son in laws).If anyone has information about the Issard family in the 1700’s I would love to know. they are said to have come from France as Huganot refugees.Thomas Issard’s grandson lived in Newtown and Owned the Crown Brewery there.He’s my G-G Grandfather. Thanks Beccy Mann

  13. My grandfather Daniel Mills was born 1873 in Gleiniant (not to sure of spelling)Trefeglewys. He moved to the Rhondda Valley when he was 18 to work in the mines. He was the son of Hugh and Mary Mills (nee LLoyd) Hugh was working on a farm in Dolgwden and Mary was a domestic servant at Red House in Trefeglwys.. Hugh was the son of Giles Mills and Martha Tilsley . Both parents were farmers but the most information I found was of Jonathan Tilsley who was the father of Martha. Giles and Martha lived in 1851 in Cargarrw and in 1871 were living at Ban Farm Landiloes Johnathan Tilsley owned a farm in Dolgwden. He was born in 1781. So apart from the move of my granfather Daniel all the other members of the family seemed to have been born and died in Trefeglwys. I am hoping to visit the area sometime this year to see if there are any clues in the graveyards. If anyone has heard of any of the members of my family it would be lovely to hear from them.

  14. H i, I have been trying to trace the ancestors/family of my great grandmother. She appears on the 1891 census living in Blackburn,Lancashire as Annie Richards Born in1862 in Trefeglwys and again in1911 in Blackburn where she is married to my great grandfather John Maher born in Killenaule Tipperary Ireland in 1870. They had three children, John James Llewellin, Charles and Eileen Agnes. We used to spend time in Caersws as children with Henry Rowlands and family. His mother was born Ann Richards Born 1858 in Trefeglwys but I am Going round the twist trying to find a family connection or any information on my Great Grandmothers family. Please help if you can. Colin Livesey. c.livesey40@ntlworld.com

  15. Hi.

    I have been working on medieval Welsh religious poetry, and have edited a 15th century cywydd in honour of an image of Christ which was acquired for the church at Trefeglwys. I’d be happy to discuss it with you.

  16. Hello Alison,

    Do you have any information on the following family please?

    William Lewis – Carpenter, married to Jane – three known children – William jnr, born 1806, John, born 1807 and Ann – born 1810?

    Any information you can send greatly appreciated

    Thank you – Gary

  17. I was very excited when I found the website concerning this church and parish. First of all, I know that my ancestors, the Benbow family, came from this area. My parents lived in England for four years in the eighties and on finding out about some of our ancestories being Christened in St. Michaels, they decided to have me also Christened there. The date of my Christening was May 8,1988. I intend to come back to England this summer for the first time since I was two. I wish to see at least some of England, Scotland, and Wales. This church is one of my top priorities to visit in Wales.

    Thank you for posting this information. I will definitly have to look deeper, and I may have questions for you yet.

    Thank you!

    Montana, USA

  18. Hi Alison
    Last night I took my family line back to Nicholas Bennett in Llandinum- on the way I found numerous relations who had lived in Trefeglwys. I am fascinated to know what they were up to.The first relation going back -before then they were in Llandinum was Edward Bennett 1620-1682 married to Anne Tillsley 1624 -24/3/1674.
    Would you have any record of Bennetts and what they were doing please?
    Thank you for your work to date- amazing

  19. Dear Alison
    Great work, a fascinating website. It’s very interesting research, isn’t it? I have been looking closely at the censuses for 1871 and 1881. Let me know if I can do any work for you.
    My great-grandfather was Joseph Llewellyn Evans who was born at the Belle Vue Inn in Trefeglwys in 1884. His father was David Evans, mother Anne Evans (nee Morgan) who were landlords of the Belle Vue from the 1860s to the 1880s. All of their 14 children were born in Trefeglwys. Two, including my great-grandfather, emigrated to New Zealand, which is where I live.
    I have done quite a bit of research on this family; some of the children married into other Trefeglwys families. I also have photos which I will scan and email to you or submit to this site. I have also been looking for all references to the village in the Welsh newspapers online (they have recently added many years and titles).

  20. Dear Alison,

    may I say thank you for the effort you make in allowing so much information to be available to all us researchers – it is appreciated!

    My question is hopefully a simple one – do you know the whereabouts of the Staylittle Factory? Was it in Trefeglwys or near the village of Staylittle?

  21. Hi Alison,
    i’m excited to find your website, as I am doing a One-Parish-Study of Bettws Cedewain, I suppose about 20 miles from your parish, also in Montgomeryshire! I am interested in how you are laying out your research because I haven’t got round to it yet, but certainly have a HUGE amount of material to put on a website.
    Also I have recently discovered the One-Place-Study Society, which is excellent for OPS’ers like yourself. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Peter, aka Cedewain

  22. My grandfather Richard Herbert Price was born June 1874 at Tan Lan which appears 1861 District 161 P1 Esciriaeth. He does not appear on any census – parents Herbert and Hannah, and younger brother Edward, left Wales in 1878. However, would there be any further detail of his parents, anywhere in Trefeglwys other than that given on GRO birth cert? Perhaps his mother’s family Rowlands came from Trefeglwys which may the reason for them to leave Pontypridd 1873-1874. Thanks for your transcription of census.

  23. Hi

    I’m researching the family of my direct ancestor, Edward REES who lived at “Llwybrmadin” farm – which I think is just north of Llyn Clywedog Reservoir.

    He married Mary RIchard in Trefeglwys in1802 and had at least 7 children – who were christened in the parish church. However, there is no sign of a church burial for any of them (apart from a baby aged 2) and so I assume that they turned to non-conformity,

    Edward appears to have remarried a “Martha” and is still alive in 1851. His daughter, Mary Rees married Stephen HIGGS in 1828 in Trefeglwys. Stephen is buried in the Bethel Calvinistic graveyard in Llanidloes. I’d love to know where the Rees family ended up. Any suggestions welcome.

    Thanks Stephanie

  24. Hi, My great-great-great grandmother Margaret Owen was born in Trefeglyws in 1799. She married Owen Reynolds from Llanidloes in 1820, who had a blacksmith shop on China Street. His assistant struck off the hand cuffs of the escaped prisoners that were held at the Trewythen Hotel. They had 8 surviving children & immigrated to America in 1849.

    We are traveling to Llanidloes next week to visit my ancestors hometown, October 9 & 10. Do you have any suggestions as to what we can see in Trefeglwys while we’re in the area? We’ll be staying at the Trewythen Hotel.

    Thank You. Del Reynolds, 1-847-502-9052

  25. Alison: Hopefully you are still involved in this project. As a ‘lost’ American, I have relied heavily on what you have presented thus far. It is a gold mine for me. In 1959-60, I traveled extensively in Wales (as a U.S. Navy sailor from England) and was lost. I have no idea the Davies-Davis family had come from the good Village-Parish of Trefeglwys, so I never looked there….

    If your still at, keep up the great work.

    All the best,

    Dick Barber
    Locust Grove, Virginia, USA

  26. Hello Alison, what a marvellous, dedicated project! I am trying to find out more about my ancestors in Trefeglwys, by the surnames Swancott and Tillsley.
    I see that there are some wills for Tillsleys, and you say you have digital copies of them. Please may I ask if I might have a copy?
    I see to live in Wales, not far from Abergavenny, but now am in Somerset.
    Kind regards
    Sue Winch

  27. Many thanks for sharing this information and all the effort you have put into this site.
    I would be interested in any information you may have on Maurice and Ann Bebb (listed in the 1841 census living at Cuffian Bach) whose children I believe were William, Edward and Ann (Bennett) Bebb.

  28. Dear Alison,

    For some years, I have been working on the history of the Lloyd family of Cefnbarrach. In the process, I have compiled an index of names extracted from probate records and some other sources, such as hearth tax returns, covering Trefeglwys and adjacent parishes from 1632 to 1725. The index is over a hundred pages long and covers most of the families living in the area during that period. If you contact me, I can provide further details – perhaps the resource will be of some value to others interested in Trefeglwys,


    Gareth lloyd

  29. HI Alison,
    Do you know anything about the Benbows that used to be in Trefeglwys? My husband is a Benbow, we believe descended from Gershon Benbow b.1700 inTrefeglwys in St Michaels parish. He was son to Richard Benbow and Susannah Jane Jones. We have learned that Gershon traveled to the US, and his parents are buried at Esgair Goch, Staylittle.

    We are planning to visit the area for the first time the 3rd week of Oct and are hoping to visit the farm/cemetery. I have been told we need to seek permission to visit this area, but cannot find any place to contact to do so.

    If Maria Rich above can contact me through this site I would welcome the connection!

    Do you have any references or info on these Benbows?

    Thank you!!

    Lynn Zimmerman Seattle WA

  30. Dear Alison

    Many thanks for your invaluable website.

    I am researching the family of my late husband, whose ancestors included Matthew THOMAS, a tailor of Trefeglwys, several members of the HUMPHREYS family (blacksmiths), and the WATKINS family of Llanwnog, , but I am especially interested in the family of Richard EVANS of Eskerieth.
    Richard Evans (1802-1869) is my husband’s 3 x Great Grandfather. He was born in Eskerieth, son of Richard Evans (1778-1817) (4 x GGF) and Grandson of Richard Evans (1732-1819) (5 x GGF), who married Mary Oliver (1757-1831). There is a memorial plaque in St Michael’s Church to: In memory of Richard Evans, of Eskerieth, who died 26 April, 1819, aged 87 years. Also Mary, his wife, who died 6 November 1831, aged 74 years’.

    I have seen the wills of Richard Evans (died 1819) and his wife Mary. You have a transcription of Mary’s will (died 1831) on your website, and I have obtained a transcription of Richard’s will. These are fascinating, but raise many questions. First,, your own transcription of the will of Mary Evans has an error. In line 14 you say “my Guardian Richard Evans”. This caused me great mystification, but now that I have obtained a copy from NLW I see that it is actually “my Grandson Richard Evans”. This makes sense. This Richard Evans is my husband’s 3 x Great Grandfather. He was a farmer at ‘Red House’ in Trefeglwys. He married three times (all his wives were called Sarah), and brought up his Gran-daughter, Sarah Watkins (my husband’s Great Grandmother). I have written an account of his life, and would love to share it with you.

    I have two main problems in my research, and would like to discuss these with you. . One concerns the will of Richard Evans who died in 1819. This is a very complicated will, and deals with the debts of his late son, Richard Evans who died in 1817. I have a lot of questions about this will. The second problem is that although there is a Memorial plaque in the Church to Richard Evans (1732=1819) and Memorial plaques to all three wives and many of the children of Richard Evans of Red House (1802-1869) I cannot find a grave or MI for Richard himself. I once discussed this with Matryn Freeth, a very helpful man I met through the Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society and he suggested there might have been a family vault in Trefeglwys Church. Do you know whether this is likely?

    I have so many questions I would like to discuss with you about Trefeglwys. Could you contact me on maureen@woodhall.me.uk and I will send you the chapters I have written on my husband’s family in Trefeglwys – I have lots of photographs. I’d love to discuss these with you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Maureen Gruffydd Jones. .

  31. I just found your website. Thank you for doing this. I live in Texas and have never been to Wales. I am trying to find out more about my great-grandfather. His name was John Jones and census data states he was from Trefeglwys, born around 1840. According to a letter to my dad from an elderly relative in 1978, John Jones was born at the Foil Staylittle. Both his parents died and he was taken in by his uncle at a farm in Staylittle called Dolbacho. Any leads will be appreciated. There are several John Jones born around that time.

    Thank you so much.

    Theresa Jones

  32. Hi,
    This is a message for Patricia Leggett.
    It was really good to see your message, though a long time after you posted it! I am a descendent of the same Mills family as you, my great grandfather was Daniel Mills’ only brother, David Mills. My mother’s maiden name was Mills. There are still many family members in and around the Trefeglwys and Llanidloes areas today. I’ve done a lot of research into Daniel and David and their siblings and Mills ancestors. I’ve even been to try and find where Daniel went to in South Wales! David Mills didn’t die in Mid Wales, though his sisters did. He went to S Africa to be a gold miner, then joined up and was killed in WW1. I would love to correspond further, nia_ann_griffiths@yahoo.com
    Until my recent researches my family members didn’t know what happened to Daniel, he has been a bit of a mystery for many decades!
    Best wishes

  33. Looking for any information on William and Catharine (nee Humphreys?) Knox. Catharine was born about 1797/1798 and William was born abt 1794/1795. They emigrated from North Wales abt 1831 to Pittsburgh, PA. They moved to Gallia County, OH sometime around 1837. The family were members of the Baptist Church. The obituary of their son Wm. H. Knox states he was “born at Churchtown (Trefegluys) not far from Newtown, Montgomeryshire North Wales, 05 Jun 1824”. Two other children may also have been born in Wales prior to the family’s emmigration – Mary (born abt 1826?) and Evan.

  34. Hi Alison,
    I have been researching my Welsh Ancestry off and on since 1999.
    I have been researching an Evans strand of it recently.
    This has of today taken me to the baptism of a John Evans 28th June 1852 his mother Elizabeth is listed as single on the baptismal record in Trefeglwys her abode is handwritten as Cwmcinches or Cwmbinches!
    Any clues on where this might be?

  35. Hi

    Thank you for the excellent work you have done on your website.

    I am currently tracing my father’s ancestors – the Pryce family – who lived on a smallholding at Penrhiw, Robins Bank, Trefeglwys between 1840 and 1900.

    Do you have any information on this family?

    My great great grandfather Robert Pryce married Mary Ann Jones on 26th July 1851 at Trefeglwys Parish Church. Robert was a lead miner and later a slate quarrier and worked at the mines in Cyfanedd Fawr near Arthog.

    In 1861 and 1871 census Mary Ann clearly lived at the smallholding at Penrhiw, Robins Bank, Trefeglwys with the children and her mother (or mother-in-law), Elizabeth Pryce – who was 75 yrs old in 1871 and herself born in Trefeglwys. Mary Ann’s husband Robert Pryce seems to be away working at the mines.

    Robert and Mary Anne’s six children living at Robins Bank were:-

    1. Elizabeth Pryce born 12th June 1853 in Trefeglwys – married Thomas Chapman from Llanidloes and moved to Tonypandy, Rhondda before emigrating to South America.
    2. Edward Pryce born 24th June 1855 in Trefeglwys
    3. Anne Pryce born 3rd January 1857 in Trefeglwys
    4. Robert Pryce born 14th October 1860 in Trefeglwys
    5. John Pryce born 12th March 1866 in Cyfanedd fawr near Arthog – he was my great grandfather who married Joanna Powell from Builth Wells and moved to Clydach Vale Tonypandy, then Rhys Street, Trealaw Rhondda to work in the coal mines. He later moved to Bridgend and owned a farm there.
    6. Richard Pryce born 18th September 1868 in Trefeglwys worked at Pugh’s farm Tonypandy.

    If there is anything you can tell me about the address – Penrhiw, Robins Bank, Trefeglwys or the Pryce family who lived there please could you contact me at prycear01@googlemail.com.

    Sometimes, some siblings spell the surname with an ‘i’ as Price but mostly it is spelt in Censuses and on birth certificates as Pryce with a ‘y’.

    Thank you

    Andy P

  36. Hello
    My grandmother Mary Evans Brown (whose Brother was Jack Evans and his wife Doris) and her Husband Richard J Brown (Llangurug)- All lived in Trefeglwys.
    My grandparents ran the Red lion Pub of which my late mother recalled when she was around 11 in the 1930’s
    Do you have a date when they were at the pub please. I have some old school photo’s of the village which I can share at some point.

    Thanks Will

  37. Hi Allison,
    I’ve just come across your site and am excited to see if you could help me and a relative in Australia who are researching the Lloyd family who lived at Cefn Barrach, we know of David Lloyd being there in mid 1660 , we also know the Lloyds still on the farm and it’s been in the family all that time. I’m struggling to find the direct link going back from David and Elizabeth Jones who married 1983 in Newton. but any information you can share I’d be most grateful for.
    regards… Gwyneth.

  38. My GGgrandfather was Edward Jones who I believe married Sarah Pugh from Towyn. My Ggrandfather John Jones was born between 1838 and 1841 (some variations appear). A letter to my father from his cousin talking about their grandfather says that his parents (I believe now just his father) died and the children were sent to live w/ family at Dolbacho (Pughs) and that they also lived at Foil (Voel). I have looked at census information from 1841-1881. I am trying to find birth info for Sarah Pugh, marriage info, death info for both Edward and Sarah Pugh Jones. It was big brick wall finding out Edward Jones was my GGgrandfather since I was told my Ggrandfather, John Jones, was an orphan and we could go no further back but I ordered John’s marriage certificate from GRO and found out who his father was. Any help appreciated.

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