1851 census: District 2c, Page 06

Parish of

Ecclesiastical District of the
Diocese of Bangor

William JONES Head Mar 58 Carrier Montgomery Cemmes
Catherine JONES Wife Mar 64 Carrier’s Wife Montgomery Llanbrynmair
Elizabeth JONES Daur U 35 At home Montgomery Trefeglwys
Margaret JONES Daur U 27 At home Montgomery Trefeglwys
Mary JONES Daur U 24 At home Montgomery Trefeglwys
William JONES Grandson U 7 – Montgomery Trefeglwys
Richard JONES Grandson U 4 – Montgomery Trefeglwys

John PRITCHARD Head Mar 39 Ag Lab 8 acres employing 1 lab Montgomery Carno
Margaret PRITCHARD Wife Mar 37 Ag Lab Wife Montgomery Llanlliyan
Edward PRITCHARD Son U 14 Ag Lab at home Montgomery Carno
Margaret PRITCHARD Daur U 5 – Montgomery Trefeglwys
Jane PRITCHARD Daur U 11m – Montgomery Trefeglwys

John ROWLAND Head M 75 Farmer 35 acres Montgomery Cemmes
Jane ROWLAND Wife M 78 Farmer’s wife Montgomery Llanfair
Edward WILEY Son in law M 26 Ag Lab Montgomery Trefeglwys
Margaret WILEY Daur M 28 Ag Lab Wife Montgomery Carno
John WILEY Grandson U 4 – Montgomery Trefeglwys
Joseph WILEY Grandson U 1 – Montgomery Trefeglwys

Ref HO 107/2496

Transcribed by Alison Bryan, as part of the Trefeglwys 1851 census collection. A list of links for the 1851 census pages can be found here.

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