1851 census: District 2j, Page 07

Parish of

Ecclesiastical District of the
Diocese of Bangor

John JONES Head Mar 49 Miner Lead Montgomeryshire Trefeglwys
Elizabeth JONES Wife Mar 41 – Cardiganshire NR
Humphrey JONES Son U 17 Miner Lead Montgomeryshire Carno
John JONES Son – 5 – Montgomeryshire Trefeglwys
Richard JONES Son – 1 – Montgomeryshire Trefeglwys
David DAVIES Lodger U 19 Miner Merionethshire Dinas

John EVANS Head Mar 41 Miner Lead Montgomeryshire Trefeglwys
Hannah EVANS Wife Mar 42 – Montgomeryshire Penegos
Mary EVANS Daur U 16 Labourer at Mines Montgomeryshire Penegos
Susan EVANS Daur – 13 Labourer at Mines Montgomeryshire Penegos
Hannah EVANS Daur – 11 Labourer at Mines Montgomeryshire Penegos
Jane EVANS Daur – 9 Scholar Montgomeryshire Trefeglwys
Ann EVANS Daur – 4 – Montgomeryshire Trefeglwys
Sarah EVANS Daur – 1 – Montgomeryshire Trefeglwys

Ref HO 107/2496

Transcribed by Alison Bryan, as part of the Trefeglwys 1851 census collection. A list of links for the 1851 census pages can be found here.

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