Will: Elizabeth SAVAGE, Stonebridge, 1818

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1 In the Name of God. Amen.
2 I Elizabeth Savage of Stone bridge in the parish of Trefeglwys, in the
3 County of Montgomery, Widow being in perfect mind, memory and
4 Understanding: Thanks be to God for the same – do make this my
5 last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say.
6 First, I order my Executirixes herein after named, to pay all my
7 Debts and Funeral Expenses
8 I give and bequeath unto my Grand-daughter Elizabeth Lloyd;
9 Daughter of Richard Lloyd by Ann his wife; my Clock and Clock-case,
10 the same to be delivered unto her (my said Grand-daughter Elizabeth Lloyd)
11 by my Executrixes, immediately after my Decease
12 I likewise give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Brees, the
13 full Sum of One Hundred and Twenty pounds
14 I likewise give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ann Lloyd, the like
15 Sum of One Hundred and Twenty pounds
16 I likewise give and bequeath unto my Grand-daughter Elizabeth
17 Chapman, Wife of Evan Chapman, the Sum of Ten pounds, the
18 same to be paid unto her by my Executrix within six months next
19 after my Decease
20 I likewise give and bequeath unto the Sons and Daughters of John
21 Ashton (of Geseilfa, in the said parish, by Elizabeth his Wife;) whom I shall
22 hereafter name, the Sum of Ten pounds each, that is to say – To Edward
23 John, Richard, Mary, George, Evan, Thomas, Andrew, and Ann; the said
24 sum of Ten pounds, must be paid to each of them by my Executrixes within
25 twelve Months after my Decease
26 I likewise give, demise, and bequeath unto my Daughter-in-law,
27 Dorothy Savage, the House which I now dwell in, called and known by the
28 name of Stone-bridge, as aforesaid, together with the Garden or Gardens, Land or
29 Lands, with all other Appurtenances and privileges which belong and apper-
30 tain to the same; the same I give; demise and bequeath unto my Daughter-in-law
31 Dorothy Savage, and to her Heirs and Assigns.
32 All the Rest Residue and Remainder of my Goods, Money Bills and Bonds,
33 and whatsoever belongs or appertains to me by Claim or Title, I give demise
34 and bequeath, unto, and equally among and between my two Daughters,
35 Mary Brees and Ann Lloyd; whom I appoint, constitute and ordain, joint
36 Executrixes of this my last Will and Testament In witness to the same, I have
37 hereunto set my Hand and Seal this 29th day of April, in the year of our Lord, One
38 Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifteen

39 The X Mark of Elizabeth Savage
40 [seal]

41 Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared
42 in the presence and sight of
43 Richard Davies
44 William Tilsley
45 David Davies Stone-cutter

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46 On the thirteenth Day of February in the
47 year of our Lord 1818 the within written Will was
48 insinuated, proved, approved and in common
49 form of law decreed valid and administration
50 granted to the within named Executor Mary
51 Brees and Ann Lloyd, they being first sworn
52 in common form of Law and that the whole
53 of the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said
54 deceased do not amount in value to
55 four hundred and fifty Pounds
56 before me
57 John Davies Surrogate

58 Probate granted 28th March 1818
59 Probate granted 28th March 1818

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60 Trefeglwys
61 Elizabeth Savage
62 Will – under – 450l
63 Probate granted 28th March 1818

64 J. Davies Surrogate

Page 4

65 A true and perfect Inventory of the Goods and Effects
66 of Elizabeth Savage of Stonebridge in the parish of
67 Trefeglwys, in the County of Montgomery – deceased.

68 £ – S – D
69 Her Wearing Apparel 1 – 5 – 0
70 Old Clock and Dresser and other ) 6 – 10 – 0
71 small Articles )
72 Two Bedsteads and Bed-clothes 4 – 10 – 0
73 Two old Chests and Lumber 2 – 10 – 0

74 £ 14 – 15 – 0

75 June the 1st 1817 Money at Interest 300 – 0 – 0

76 £ 314 – 15 – 0

77 Evan Evans Finnant ) Appraisers
79 Matthew Davies )

Page 5

80 Inventory
81 Elizabeth Savage
82 Stone-bridge, Trefeglwys
83 Montgomeryshire

A transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1818/171/W [crossed out: 84/1] and B/1818/171/I [crossed out: 84/2]
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, vi.x.mmxi

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