Will: John HUGHES, Rhiwdyferty, 1832

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1 This is the last Will and Testament of me
2 John Hughes of Rhiwdyferty in the Parish of
3 Trefeglwys in the County of Montgomery Blacksmith
4 made this Eighteenth day of April in the year of
5 our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty
6 five. I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth
7 the Wife of Joshua Wigley of Hinnant in the Parish
8 Llanbrynmair in the said County Farmer the Sum
9 of One Shilling. I give and bequeath unto my Son
10 John Hughes of Maesmadrisiol in the said Parish
11 of Llanbrynmair the Sum of One Shilling. I give
12 and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary the Wife
13 of [crossed out: Richard] Evan Davies of Rhosgoch in the said Parish of
14 Trefeglwys the Sum of One Shilling, I give and
15 bequeath unto my Grand daughter Catharine the
16 Daughter of Evan Lewis late of Typwt in the
17 said Parish of Trefeglwys Miner the Sum of One
18 Shilling. All the rest residue and remainder of all my
19 Goods Chattels and Personal Estate of what nature
20 so even the same may be I give and bequeath
21 subject to the payment of my Debts and Funeral
22 expenses as also the expenses of proving this my Will
23 unto my Dear Wife Catharine, and my two Sons
24 David and Richard in equal shares and proportions
25 and I do hereby appoint my said Wife and my

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26 said Sons David and Richard joint Executors of this my
27 Will In Witness whereof I the said John Hughes have
28 to this my said last Will and Testament set my hand
29 and seal the day and year first within written.

30 The Mark of
31 X
32 John Hughes
33 [seal]

34 Signed Sealed published
35 and Declared by the said
36 Testator as and for his last
37 Will and Testament who in
38 his presence and at his request
39 and in the presence of each other
40 have hereunto subscribed our Names
41 as Witnesses the name “Evan” having
42 been first intserted in our presence
43 and the name “Richard” scored out.

44 Joseph Jervis Witness
45 Evan Morgan Witness

46 On the 29th Day of October in the year of our Lord
47 1832. the above written Will was insiunated proved
48 approved, and in common form of Law decreed valid
49 and administration granted to one of the above named
50 Executors Richard Hughes /the Excutrix Catharine
51 Hughes being old and too infirm to act. and the other
52 Executor David Hughes being dead / he being first sworn
53 in common form of Law, and that the whole of the Goods
54 Chattels and Credits of the said deceased do not amount in
55 value to Two hundred Pounds

56 before me
57 John Davies Surrogate

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58 Trefeglwys
59 John Hughes
60 Will under £200
61 Probate granted 29th October 1832

62 John Davies Surrogate

A transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
Reference: B/1832/184/W /82
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, xxv.ix.mmxi

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