Will: Robert DAVIES, Vaidre, 1802

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1 In the Name of God Amen I Robert Daives of Vaidre in the parish of Trefeglwys
2 and County of Montgomery and Diocese of Bangor, Farmer, being sick and Weak in Body,
3 but of perfect mind and Memory thanks be Rendered unto Almighty God for the same, Do make
4 this my last Will and Testament in Writing in manner and form following, first I command my
5 Soul unto the Hands of Almighty God from Whom I received it, and my Body I commit to the
6 Earth to be Decently buried, and as Touching what wordly Goods it hath pleased God to bestow
7 upon me I Give and dispose of the same in manner and form following, first my Will is that
8 all my Debts and funeral Expenses be paid and discharged by my Executor herein after named
9 Also I give and devise unto my eldest son Robert Davies all that Messuage or Tenement know
10 by the Name called Cybbullwyd situate and being in the parish of Llanidloes and County of Montgomery
11 Now in his Occupation and all the Appurtenance thereto belonging and also the Sum of Twenty
12 pounds of lawful money of Great Brittain, Also I Give and bequeath unto my Eldest Daughter
13 Mary the Wife of Daniel Jarman the sum of Sixty pounds, Also I give and bequeath
14 unto my youngest Daughter Elizabeth Davies One Table with his sides foling down and
15 she is have to Chose One Chest, and One Bedsted and One fether Bed and all the Bed
16 Cloath thereunto belonging as in the said House called Vaidre and also the sum of One
17 Hundred and Twenty pounds and she is to receive the Interest of the said sum One Hundred and
18 Twenty pounds till her attain the Age of twenty one years. Lastly as to the Residuee and
19 Remainder of my Goods and Effects whatsoever belonging or in .my wise l.. retaining
20 and all the Message Due unto me by Bills Bonds or other wise I Give and bequeath the same
21 unto my son David Davies whom I do hereby constitute and appoint to be my Sole Executor of this
22 my last Will and Testament, Also I hereby Give Unto my Brother David Davies and my Brother
23 in law Evan Owen five Shilling a piece for land towards their trouble in seeing this my said last will
24 duly Executed and … for my said children, I do hereby utterly Revoke Disallow and
25 Disannul all other former Wills or bequests by me hither to don or made hereby publishing and
26 Ratifying this and no other to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I hereunto sett
27 my hand and seal this the third day of September in the year 1800

28 Robert Davies
29 [seal]

30 Signed Sealed published and Declared by the said Testator Robert Davies
31 as And for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence
32 at his request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witness thereto

33 Richard Lewis
34 The Mark of
35 Martha X Jones
36 Edward Evans

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37 On the seventh day of June in the year of our Lord 1802 the within
38 written Will, was insinuated, proved, approved, and in common
39 form of Law decreed valid and administration [interlined:] granted [end] to the within
40 named Executor David Davies he being first personally
41 sworn in the Holy Evangelists as the Law directs.
42 By me
43 Thomas Lewis Surrogate

44 The personals of this Will doth not amount in Value to the
45 Sum of Eight hundred pounds

46 Probate granted 6 August 1802

47 Make a Bill of this viz. 16-9-6
48 Rec’d only 13-10-6
49 and Law I’p’d the difference 3-9-0

50 TW Lewis .as

Page 3

51 Trefeglwys
52 Robert Davies
53 Will under £1000
54 Proved 7th June 1802
55 Probate granted 6th August 1802

56 The Last Will and Testament
57 of Robert Davies
58 Dated the 3rd September 1800

Page 4

59 A true Inventory of all and Singular the Goods and Chattels of
60 Robert Davies of Vaidre in the parish of Trefeglwys and County of
61 Montgomery Farmer, late Deceased Appraised the Six Day of March in the
62 Year 1801

63 £-S-D
64 The Apprixe all his Wearing Apparrel his Horse Sadle and ) 18-0-0
65 Bridle )

66 In the Kitchen
67 One Dresser Sel..s and all the pe..ters 3-10-0
68 One Clock and one Spice Box 5-0-0
69 Four Old Bras Pans 1-11-6
70 All the Wooden Vessels, and three Spinging Wheels 4-6-0
71 All the Iron Ware, and Earthen … 1-9-0
72 Six Chears, and other Lumber there 0-16-0

73 In the Chamber
74 One feather Bed the Bead Steed and all the Bead ) 3-0-0
75 Cloths thereunto belonging )
76 One Hanging preas 4-0-0
77 four Tables One Aiseing Table, One Old Coffer 1-16-0
78 One Coffer, One Old Cupboard, two Old Chest 3-0-0
79 two old feather Beads, the Bead Steed and all the ) 3-0-0
80 Beds Cloaths thereunto belonging )

81 In the Rooms up stairs
82 One Cheast two Coffoars 1-15-0
83 Two Bead Steed, One feather Bead [interlined:] and [end] all the Bead ) 4-10-0
84 Cloaths thereunto belonging )
85 and a Lumber 0-18-0
86 three … of yarn and all the Wooll One Flanel One ) 14-7-6
87 Loom and all the Gears belonging to the Loom )

88 Brought Over 70-16-0

Page 5

89 £-S-D
90 Carried Over 70-16-0

91 In the Cold House
92 Ten of Cattels in One Bay at £10 per Head 100-0-0
93 four Bullocks to one Heifer three yearing to Calfs ) 27-0-0
94 One Yearig Shee Calf )
95 Implements of Husbandry 14-14-0
96 The Heifers 15-0-0
97 three pare of Gears 5-0-0
98 All the Oats in the Barn 12 Bushel at 1-10-0 [interlined:] £ s d [end] 18-0-0
99 Nineteen Strick of Rye and Moncorn at at 17 [interlined:] S d [end] per Hr.ik 16-3-0
100 Six Strick of Barley at 14/0 4-4-0
101 All the rye in the Ground 1-0-0
102 Forty Strike of Potatoes at 6/0 [interlined:] S d [end] … Strick
103 One winowing Fan ten Bags and Lumber there 1-15-0
104 One Hundred and fifty Sheeps at 10/0 [interlined:] S d [end] … Head 75-0-0
105 Sundry desperate Debts due to the Deceased upon ) 426-2-0
106 Bill Bonds )
107 All his lands with the Appuretenances thereunto belonging

108 Sum of the Inventory £ 186-14-0

109 Apprised by us the 6 Day )
110 of March in the year of our Lord 1801 )

111 Richard Evans
112 Andrew Jones
113 Appraisers

A transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1802/184/W and B/1802/184/I
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, x.iv.mmxii

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