Will: Alice SWANCOTT, 1655

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1 Alice Swancott
2 In the Name of God Amen
3 The seaven and twentieth of June in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six
4 hundred Fifty and five I Alice Swancott of the parish of Trevegloys in the
5 County of Montgomery Widdow being sick in body but of perfect minde
6 and memory prayse be given to Almighty God therefore doe make my
7 Last will and Testament in manner and forme following, committing
8 my Soule into the hands of Almighty God hopeing to be partaken with the
9 faithfull by the merritts of my Saviour Jesus Christ, And my body to bee
10 buried in the parish church of Trevegloys aforesaid at the oversight of my
11 Executors and friends And as for my Worldly goods as followeth: First I give
12 and

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13 and beneath unto James Hinshaw my nephew the Somme of Six pounds
14 Also I give and bequeath unto Jane Web my neece the Somme of Six
15 pounds and alsoe I give unto Elizabeth Web my neece the somme of Foure
15 pounds Alsoe I give unto Joane Smith the Somme of Fourre pounds Alsoe
16 I give and bequeath unto Audrey Goodwyn the Somme of forty shillings
17 Alsoe I bequeath unto Margarett David the Somme of Forty shillings Also I give
18 to Elizabeth Ashton the somme of tenn shillings Alsoe I give unto Alice
19 Morgan the somme of tenn shillings Alsoe I give unto Alice Cadman
20 the elder five shillings Alsoe I give unto Phillipp Swancott my godsonne
21 Two shillings six pence Alsoe I give unto Mary Rees two shillings Alsoe I give
22 unto Christopher Hall twenty shillings Also I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth
23 Hall Twenty shillings alsoe I give unto Anne Muddurch Twenty Shillings
24 Alsoe I give unto Joane Hall Twenty Shillings Also I give unto Mary
25 Hall twenty shillings alsoe I bequeath unto Jane Hall the somme of
26 Forty shillings and my featherbed and a paire of hempton sheetes Alsoe
27 I bequeath unto Alice Hall the Somme of Forty shillings Alsoe I give
28 unto Anne Hall the elder the somme of Twenty Shillings Alsoe I give
29 unto Margery Savage the Somme of Forty shillings and the household
30 stuffe which shee useth Also I give unto Andrew Savage Twenty
31 Shillings Alsoe I give unto Joane Bennet the wife of Edward Bennet
32 the somme of twenty shillings and my Coffer Alsoe I give unto Edward
33 Savage now of Waine the somme of Forty shillings Alsoe I give unto
34 the Servant man and Servant maide of John Savage twelve pence
35 apeece Alsoe I give unto Ralph Charles the Somme of Twenty shillings
36 Also I give unto Margarett Savage the daughter of Thomas Savage Six
37 Shillings eight pence. Also I give unto Margarett Verch David one bad
38 shillinge All the rest of my goods not bequeathed whatsoever and debts
39 with Specialty and also without I give and bequeath unto Thomas Hall and
40 John Savage equally betwixt them and I doe appointe Thomas Hall to be
41 Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and my will further is that
42 John Savage shalbee at equall charges with the said Thomas Hall in
43 anything that doth or may concerne the sayd Will and I doe alsoe nominate
44 and appointe David Morrey* and John Brees to bee Overseers of this my
45 Last will and testament hopeing that they will see the same honestly
46 performed accordinge to the true meaning hereof In Witnesse whereof
47 I the sayd Alice Swancott have thereunto put my hand and seale the
48 day and yeare above written The marke of Alice Swancott Read Sealed
49 and delivered in the sight and presence of David Morris The marke of
50 Richard Powell the marke of Lucie Owen

51 This will was proved at London the Eight and twentieth day of November
52 in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred fifty and five before
53 the Judges for probate of wills and granting Administration lawfully
54 authorised by the oath of Thomas Hall the Sole Executor named in this Last
55 will and Testament of the sayd deceased to whom was committed Adm-
56 inistration of all and singular the goods chattels and debts of the sayd
57 deceased Hee the said Thomas Hall being first sworne in due forme of
58 Lawe by vertue of … Commission well and truly to administer the same

* The y at the end of this name is very clearly legible, but this person appears to be David Morris below. I assume that the discrepancy is probably an error on the part of the scribe who copied this version from the original Will.

Will dated 1655, proved 1655
Catalogue Reference: PROB 11/251

Transcribed by Ruth Hayward with minor revisions by Alison Bryan, xii.x.mmxi

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  1. It sounds like this lady was well off.
    I believe my ancestors come from Trefeglwys.
    They appear to have moved to Harbourne in the early 1800’s

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