Will John JONES, Clerk, Vicar of Trefeglwys, 1593

To “Eldest Daughter Anne, I bequeath a lambe for her child’s parte”; to daughter Mary, for her preferment, £40; to eldest son Hughe, a lamb for his child’s part; to son John, £40 ; to daughter Elizabeth, £40; to every one of his other sons and daughters, £20, severally. Towards reparation of church, 13s. 4d. Residue to his wife Dorothy; to his godson John Gline, 40s.

Here follows a long list of debts owing by the persons named, to testator. His son Robert and daughter Elizabeth, executors; and his good landlord, Mr. Pope, and Cozen Morgan Gline, to be overseers of his children, “as my full trust is in them”.
Letters of administration were issued to Dorothy, relict, (luring the minority of Robert and Elizabeth, the executors named.

There were no witnesses to the will.

Will made 17th May 1593; proved 27th July 1593.

Taken from the Montgomeryshire Collections, Volume 26, published 1892. Early Montgomeryshire Wills at Somerset House, Continued from Vol. xxiv., p. 87; pp. 1-48, at p9

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