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Sheet Music: Trefeglwys (1857), by John Ashton

Trefeglwys has a strong connection with music, one of which was through the composer, John Ashton. John wrote a number of hymn tunes published in Llyfr Tonau Cynulleidfaol , Caniadau y Cysegr a’r Teulu, Cerddor yr Ysgol Sabothol, and songs in Miwsig y Miloedd. Here is some sheet music, which John Ashton wrote in 1857, titled ‘Trefeglwys’ and ‘Llanbrynmair’: The parish produced a number of John Ashtons but this one was born in Oleuddu. By trade John was a shoemaker but through accident he changed his occupation and joined the police force. John emigrated to New Zealand in 1874 died on the 25 December 1896.


Emigration: Davies, Trefeglwys to Calgary, Canada (1926)

Do you recognise this family? They are described as: “Trefeglwys Family Migrate: This is a photo of Mr and Mrs Davies and family Trefeglwys, who sailed on the S.S. “Dorie” of the White Star line, for Calgary, West Canada. They intend to settle in a district where now reside friends who emigrated within the last year.” Around 1926, there was a mass recruitment of farming people from Wales to Canada. My grandfather was one of these people who migrated. Below are some examples of what appeared in the local newspaper (as articles not adverts): February 16, 1906 Canada’s Call for Britishers Emigration made easy So urgent is the demand for British men and boys to…