George Robert Wythen BAXTER

“BAXTER, GEORGE ROBERT WYTHEN, of the Upper Bryn, Llanllwcliaiarn, was the only son of George Trotman Baxter, Esq., of Hereford, and was born in the year 1815. He was a member of an old family long ettled in the neighbourhood of Newtown, and claimed among his ancestry the celebrated Nonconformist divine, Richard Baxter, and Hugh Baxter of Ystradfaelog (1687) and Richard Baxter (1690), the names of the two latter being recorded as benefactors to the poor of Trefeglwys and Llanwnog. He was the author of The Book of the Bastiles, an attack upon the Poor Law, the “Bastiles” being the Workhouses; Humour and Pathos, and several other works. He died on the 17th January, 1854, in the 39th year of his age, and a handsome marble tablet was erected to his memory by his mother in Llanllwchaiarn Church.”

Taken from: Montgomeryshire Worthies (1894) by Richard Williams

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