Cardiff Times

The Cardiff Times

10 September 1898


At the Llandiloes Police Court on Monday Llewelyn Lewis, a young lad 16 years of age, residing at Gleiniant, near Trefeglwys, was charged with attempting to commit suicide. The prisoner was-found on the 29th ult. in the river Trannon, the water being about 5 feet deep and reaching to prisoner’s neck. On the river bank a note was found written by prisoner as follows :— I am going from this world of trouble and sorrow to that land of perfect rest where there is no parting, and sweet is the song of those who in Jesus do rest.” Inspector Lake said prisoner was under medical treatmant for heart disease of a very serious character. Prisoner’s mother appeared and said that vexation had been the cause of her son’s misdeed. His father had been quarrelling with neighbours, and this had a depressing effect upon her son, who was subject to melancholia. – The Bench having received an assurance from the prisoner’s mother that she would keep her son under proper control, dismissed the case.

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