Will: Nicholas BENNETT, Derw Llwydion, 1750

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1 In the Name of God Amen in the Twenty Fifth
2 of March 1748 I Nicholas Bennet of Derw Llwydion
3 in the parish of Tref Eglwys and County of Mountgomery
4 being Sick and Weak in body but of perfect mind
5 Memory thanks be to Almighty God, therefore Calling for
6 mind the Mortallity of my Body and knowing that is
7 appointed for all Men to die, doe make and ordaine this
8 my Last will and Testament, That is to Say principally
9 and first of all I give and recommend my Soul unto the
10 hands of Almighty God that gave it, and my Body I com
11 mend to the Earth to be buried in a Decent Christian Burial
12 at the Discretion of My Executrix hereafter Named …
13 doubling but at the Generall Reformection I shall c…
14 the Same again by the Might power of God And …
15 Such Wordly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to …
16 with in this Life I give demise and Dispose of the Same
17 Manner and form following. Imprimis I Give and Demise to
18 Bennet my Eldest Son and Heir all and Singular my Lands …
19 Tennemets … … possessed and enjoyed by him onely …
20 -ing his Mother her Dowry dureing her Naturall Life … I Give
21 and bequeath to my Second Son Nicholas Bennet the Sum of
22 fortty pounds to paid him into his own hands whwen he attains
23 to the age of Eighteen Years … I Give and bequeath to my Eldest
24 Daughter Elizabeth the Sum of Twenty pounds to be paid …
25 Eighteen years of Age, And I Give and bequeath to my two younger
26 Daughters Elenor and Mary Each of them Ten pounds to be …
27 them to … at the age of Eighteen years, All the rest of
28 Goods and Chattells I Give and bequeath to my Elenor my Dear beloved
29 wife whom I Likewise Constitute and appoint Sole Executrix of
30 my Last Will and Testament And I doe hereby Utterly disallow …
31 and disannull all and every other [interlined:] former [end] Wills and Testaments Legacies
32 and bequests by me in any ways before willed and bequeathed
33 ratifying and confirming this and no other to be me Last
34 will and Testament In Wittness whereof I have here..

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35 put my hand and Seal the Day and Year first above
36 written

37 Signd Seald publishd pronounced
38 and Declared in the presence of us
39 subscribers

40 The Mark of
41 Nicholas X Bennet

42 Be it known unto all Men that I the
43 aforementioned Nicholas Bennet doe
44 at the Same time Give and bequeath
45 to my beloved Brother Thomas Bennet
46 Two Ewes and two Lands to be given him
47 by my Executors before Named, all this
48 was Written before the Signing and Sealing
49 of this my Will

50 Hughes
51 The Mark of Gwen Bennet
52 The Mark of Evan X Edward
53 Edw Thomas

54 January the 2d 1750

55 Then this will was proved in Common form of Law
56 and the validity thereof allowed, and Adminis-
57 tration granted to the Executrix within named
58 she being first personally sworn

59 before me John Morris
60 Surrogate

Page 3

61 Trefeglwys
62 The Will of Nicholas Bennet
63 1750

Page 4

64 A True and perfect Inventory of all the Goods
65 Cattle chattels and personal Estate of Nicholas
66 Bennet of the Parish of Trefeglwys in the County of
67 Montgomery and Diocese of Bangor Deceased Appraised
68 and valued the Twelfth day of December Anno Dom.
69 1750 by Richard Evans, Thomas Bennet and Lewis Jones Appraisers

70 L-S-D
71 Imprimis His horse and saddle and wearing Apparel 5-0-0
72 Item One Other horse 2-10-0
73 Item Five Oxen 17-10-0
74 Item Six Cows 17-0-0
75 Item Three bullocks and two heifers 10-0-0
76 Item Two heifers more 3-0-0
77 Item Six calves 5-0-0
78 Item Nine Score sheep of all Sorts 36-0-0
79 Item Implements of husbandary 2-0-0
80 Item Corn and Hay 12-0-0
81 Item Houshold goods, Cheese wool &c 20-0-0
82 Item Cash in … house and notes for money 33-0-0
83 Item One Pig and Poultry 1-10-0

84 Total 164-10-0

85 Richard Evans
86 Thomas Bennet
87 and
88 Lewis Jones
89 Appraisers

Page 5

90 Nicholas Bennet‘s
91 Inventory …

A transcription of this digital image from the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1750/149/W 36 and B/1750/149/I 36
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, ix.iv.mmxii

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