Will: Richard MEYRICKE, 1627

To Elizabeth, daughter, and daughter of Jane his wife, testator devised all his messuages and lands in the township of Glyntrefnant and Kylkyreth, parish of Trefeglwys, and her heirs lawfully. begotten; in default, to Richard Meyricke, the son of – Meyricke of Maynston, co. Salop, and his lawful heirs. If the premises were redeemed, then Elizabeth to have all the money except £20 to his wife, residue to wife and daughter.
Wife and daughter, executors.
To Thomas Meyricke at Michaelmas yearly for life, l0s.
Witnesses. – Robert Griffith, John ap D’d, Jane Meyricke, William Ingram, Nicholas Bennett.

Will made 3rd May 1626; proved 30th April 1627.
A digital image is available from the National Archives.
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/151

Taken from the Montgomeryshire Collections, Volume 26, published 1892. Early Montgomeryshire Wills at Somerset House, Continued from Vol. xxiv., p. 87; pp. 1-48, at p 10

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