Will: Edward SAVAGE, 1653

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1 Edward Savage

2 In the name of God Amen

3 The first daie of December in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand six hundred
4 fiftie three I Edward Savage of the parish of Trevegloes in the Countie of Mountgomery
5 beinge sick in bodie but of perfect mynde and memory (praise be given to Almightie God)
6 Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge committinge my
7 Soule unto the mercyfull hands of Almightie God And my bodie to [be] buryed in the parishe
8 Church of Trevegloes at the oversight of my Executor and Friends And of all my worldly
9 goods I dispose as followeth. Inprimis I give and bequeath unto the reparation of the parish
10 Church of Trevegloes aforesaid The Summe of Tenne Shillings. Item I give unto Thomas
11 Savage myne eldest Sonne the Summe of Seavenscore poundes to be paid unto him by my
12 Executor at such time as Thomas Savage of Waen Shall accomplish the age of one and twentie
13 yeares Uppon the condition That the said Thomas Savage, my Sonne shall first make and
14 seale unto John Savage my second Sonne a Release of his title to my Meadowinge in Bodaioch
15 And, in case hee shall refuse soe to doe I bequeath unto him the Summe of Fowertie poundes,
16 to be paid unto him at the tyme abovementioned Together with those two meadows in Bodaioch
17 which were purchased by my Father commonly known as Dolover and Arbos
18 each and noe more in respect hee hath had a portion of mee alreadie. Item I give and bequeath
19 unto Andrewe Savage, my third Sonne the Summe of Fiftie poundes to be paid unto him
20 within the space of one yeare next after my decease. Item I bequeath unto Joane Savage my
21 Daughter the Summe of Threescore poundes to be paid within the space of one yeare after my
22 decease. Item I bequeath unto Edward Savage my youngest Sonne the Summe of Fiftie
23 Poundes to be paid him within the space of Fyve yeares after my decease And also I give
24 and bequeath unto the said Edward Savage my Sonne a Tanne house latelie erected and one
25 parcell of lands thereunto adjoininge situate and beinge in Keven Barach, in the said parish
26 of Trevegloes With all Lymepitts and appurtinanences whatsoever thereunto belonginge in
27 the tenure and occupation of John Brees my nephew Viz The rent thereof duringe his
28 lease And soe to the said Edward Savage and his heires for ever And my Will is That the
29 said Edward Savage shall be maynteyned by my wife with Apparrell fitt for an Apprentice
30 untill such tyme as hee shall have received his said portion of Fiftie poundes. Item I bequeath
31 unto Margarett Savage my wife the Summe of Fowertie poundes to be paid unto her immediately
32 after my Sonne John Savage shall marrie. Item I give unto her all my household stuffe to
33 dispose of amongst my children Exceptinge Wainscott Cupboards presses Tables Beddstedds
34 and ymplements of husbandrie which I give unto the said John Savage. Item I give and
35 bequeath to the said John Savage my second Sonne all and singular my lands and Tenements
36 with all and singular houses barnes buildings and Appurtinannces whatsoever thereunto
37 belonginge purchased by mee of David Lloyd Doctor of Law And of Edward Evans of

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38 [blank section] To have and to holde all the said premisses unto him and his heirs
39 forever Exceptinge one Threepenny taske? or parcell of meadowground lately purchased
40 of the said Edward Evans and lyinge at the end of Lewis Wilsons Farme in Bodaioch.
41 Which said parcell of meadowground I give and bequeath unto my Grandsonne Edward
42 Savage To have and to hould to him and his heirs forever. Item I doe bequeath unto the said
43 John Savage All my goods Cattle and Chattells not by mee formerly bequeathed And also all
44 my Debts by Specialtie or without Together with all Corne and grayne nowe in the barne and
45 growinge uppon the premisses. Item I give unto my Daughter Audrey Goodwynne the Summe
46 of Fyve poundes in lieu of a Childes part in regarde shee hath received a greater portion
47 alreadie. Item I give unto Margarett Savage my Grand Daughter the Summe of five poundes
48 to bee paid when she shall accomplish the age of Fowerteene yeares. Item I give unto Thomas
49 Savage Anne Savage Audrey Savage and Jane Savage my Grandchildren the Summe of
50 Tenne shillinges a peece To be paid within fower yeares, next after my decease. Item I give
51 unto Edward Goodwynne my Grandsonne the summe of Twentie shillinges to bee paid within
52 Fower years next after my decease. Item I bequeath unto Thomas Goodwynne
53 Margarett Goodwynne and Margery Goodwynne my Grandchildren the summe of Tenne
54 shillinges apeece to be paid in the space of fower years after my decease. Item I
55 give unto Thomas Savage my nephew one fower yeare olde redd Colte. Item I give unto
56 Richard Powell the Younger Two shillinges. Item I give unto Richard Roger Twelve pence
57 Item I give unto Margarett Lewis Twelve pence. Item I make John Savage my second
58 Sonne my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament, hopinge hee will see the same
59 well and trulie performed And I doe nomynate and appointe my Brother in law Thomas
60 Hall Lewis Parton and my nephew John Brees to bee Overseers of the same. In witnes
61 whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the Daie and Yeare first above written.

62 Edward Savage, Sealed and delyvered in the sight and presence of Thomas Hall his
63 marke John Brees his marke.

64 Bee it remembered that before the ensealinge hereof a word was blotted out in the nynth
65 lyne, and the word (Fowertie) interlyned in stead thereof, The words (by my wife) interlyned
66 in the nyneteenth lyne And the words (The Summe of Tenne shillings a peece) in the
67 Thirtie Fowerth lyne. Witnesses hereunto Thomas Hall his mark John Brees his marke.

68 This above written Will was proved at Westminster before the Judges for probate
69 of Wills and grauntinge Administrations The Twentieth Daie of February in the yeare
70 of our Lord God accordinge to the computation of the Church of England One Thousand
71 Six hundred fiftie three, By the oath of John Savage Sonne of the said deceased and
72 Executor named in the said Will To whom was graunted Administration of all and singular
73 the goods chattels and Debts of the said Deceased Hee beinge first legally Sworne (by
74 vertue of a Commission) well and truly to administer the same.

Transcribed by Ruth Hayward, mmvi and minor revisions by Alison Bryan, xii.x.mmxi

Description: Will of Edward Savage of Trefeglwys, Montgomeryshire
Date: 20 February 1653
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/239
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Name of Register: Alchin Quire Numbers: 303 – 356

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