Will: Matthew DAVIES the Elder, 1815

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1 In the Name of God Amen I Matthew Davies the Elder
2 of Trefeglwys in the County of Montgomery Farmer being Sick in
3 Body but of sound disposing Mind Memory and understanding
4 praised be God for the same do make this my last Will and
5 Testament in manner and form following that is to say I Give
6 and devise all my Freehald Messuages or Tenements Houses
7 lands and appretenances thereunto belonging situate lying
8 and being in the Parish of Trefeglwys or Else where in the
9 said County of Montgomery and now in my Occupation unto my
10 Eldest Son Matthew Davies his Heirs and assigns forever
11 but my will and desire nevertheless is that my wife Ann
12 Davies may be permitted and allowed to hold and occupy
13 all my said Freehold Estate and premises (except the Shop now
14 in the holding of my said Son Matthew Davies and the Malthouse
15 thereto ajoining) during the term of her natural life or
16 and under the yearly Rent of Thirty Pounds to be paid and
17 payable to my said Son Matthew Davies half yearly during such
18 Term the said Ann Davies my wife keeping all the Buildings
19 on such Estate and Premises in good order and repair and
20 Farming and managing the Lands thereto belonging in a
21 good and husband like manner during the term of her
22 Natural Life I Give and bequeath unto my Son Richard
23 Davies the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds to be paid him
24 out of my Personal Estate by my Executors hereinafter named
25 at the Expiration of five years next after my decease but
26 without Interest. I also Give and bequeath unto my
27 Daughter Catherine Davies the sum of One Hundred
28 Pounds to be paid her out of my said Personal Estate by
29 my said Executors at the Expiration of twelve months after
30 my decease I also Give and bequeath unto my said
31 Daughter Catherine the Chest of Drawers which has been

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32 made for her and also the best Feather Bed Bedstead and
33 bedclothes which is now in my House I also Give and
34 bequeath unto my Daughter Ann Davies the sum of
35 One Hundred Pounds to be paid her out of any said
36 Personal Estate when she attains the age of Twenty one
37 Years by my said Executors the interest of the said last
38 mentioned sum of One Hundred Pounds to be applied in
39 the mean time towards her maintenance and Education
40 I also give and bequeath unto my said Daughter
41 Ann Davies the Chest of Drawers that has been made
42 for her and also the second best Feather bed Bedstead and
43 bedclothes which is now in my House All the rest
44 residue and remainder of my House hold Goods and
45 Furniture Sheep Cattle Implements in Husbandry
46 monies securities for money Book Debts Personal Estate
47 and Effects of what nature or kind soever and wheresoever
48 subject nevertheless to be payment of my Just Debts
49 Funeral Expenses and the Expince of proving this my
50 will I give and bequeath the same and every part
51 thereof unto my said wife Ann Davies and my said
52 Son Matthew Davies And my will and I devise
53 is and I do hereby order and direct that in case my
54 Personal Estate shall not be enough or sufficient
55 to discharge my Just Debts Legacies Funeral Expenses
56 and the Expence of proving this my will that my
57 real Estate hereinafter by me devised to my said
58 son Matthew Davies shall be subject and

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59 liable to make up such de.. or any sum which
60 with my personal Estate so that my creditors may be paid
61 their full Demand And lastly I do hereby nominate
62 constitute and appoint my said Wife Ann Davies and
63 my said son Matthew Davies joint Executors of this
64 my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and
65 making void all former and other will and wills at
66 any time heretofore by me made and declaring this
67 to be my last In Witness whereof the said Matthew
68 Davies the Testator have hereunto set my Hand and Seal
69 the Thirty first day of Ocotber in the Year of our Lord
70 one thousand eight Hundred and thirteeen.

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71 Trefeglwys
72 Matthew Davies
73 Will – under 450
74 Probate granted 26th May 1815
75 Pow. re. 2/-

76 J. Davies Surrogate

Page 5

77 A true and perfect Inventory of the Goods, Chattels and
78 Credits of Matthew Davies of the Village of TrefEglwys, in
79 the County of Montgomery, Farmer, deceased

80 £ – S – D
81 His Horse Saddle and Bridle and wearing Apparel 40 – 0 – 0
82 One Mare and Gearing 30 – 10 – 0
83 One old Mare, and two pairs of Gearing 0 – 0 – 0
84 Two Cows 20 – 0 – 0
85 One Heifer 10 – 0 – 0
86 Two Pigs and Poultry 15 – 0 – 0
87 Fifty Sheep at 10/ 25 – 0 – 0
88 Implements in Husbandry 23 – 15 – 0
89 Implements and Lumber in the Out buildings 14 – 0 – 0
90 Corn, Hay and Straw 35 – 5 – 0
91 Household Furniture 109 – 11 – 0
92 Book Debts 117 – 4 – 0

93 £ 448 – 5 – 8

94 David Evans )
95 William Tilsley ) Appraisers

96 January the 7th 1814

A transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1815/246/W [crossed out: 23/1] and B/1815/246/I [crossed out 23/2]
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, xxvi.ix.mmxi

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