“GOODWIN, JOHN, of Esgirgoch, Trefeglwys, was a zealous and faithful Quaker preacher in his day, for the period of 55 years. The following entry copied from the Baptismal Register for the parish of Trefeglwys refers most probably to his baptism:— ” John f. Edw. Goodwin, B.P., 24 die Januarii “1685.” He had intended, it seems, to emigrate to Pennsylvania, but was prevailed upon not to do so. He was the owner and occupier of Esgirgoch farm, near the hamlet of Staylittle, and built close to the farmhouse a small meeting house for the Quakers, which now forms part of the farmhouse. He also set apart a small enclosure from the farm for a Quaker “garden” or burial ground, where traces of graves may still be seen. The last person buried there was Richard Brown, a Llanidloes Quaker, who died in 1850. John Goodwin died in December, 1763, in the 82nd year of his age, and was buried on the 7th day of the same month in the Quaker burial ground at Llwyndu, near Llwyngwril, Merionethshire.”

Taken from: Montgomeryshire Worthies (1894) by Richard Williams

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  1. I’m a descendant of the Goodwins from Staylittle/Trefeglwys. My direct ancestors came to Pennsylvania, leaving John Goodwin in Wales. I have been to the area but my visit was too brief to have seen much. I was driven by what was thought to be the Esgirgoch farm but I’m not sure where it was. Thanks for this site.

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