Will: John LEWIS, Cwm, 1822

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1 This is the Last Will and Testament
2 of me John Lewis of Cwm in the Parish of TrefEglwys in
3 the County of Montgomery Carpenter being in perfect mind
4 memory and understanding. Thanks be to God for the
5 same. Do make this my last Will and Testament in
6 Manner and Form following (that is it say) first I order
7 my Executrix hereinafter named to pay all my just
8 Debts and Funeral Expenses together with the Proving of
9 this my Will. I Give and bequeath to my Dearly
10 beloved wife whom I likewise constitute make and ordain
11 my only and sole Executridx of this my last Will and
12 Testament all my Household Goods and Moveables
13 immediately after my decease and after her Death my Will
14 is that my Kitchen Safe and Book Case should be delivered
15 to my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Richards Daughter
16 of Daniel Richards of Llanidloes in the said County by
17 Mary his Wife immediately after her decease. All the rest residue
18 and remainder of My Household Goods and Moveables and
19 whatsoever belongs or appertains to me by Claim or Title
20 I give and bequeath unto her only use and behold forever
21 I likewise Give Devise and bequeath to my Dearly beloved Wife
22 the House which I now Dwel called or known by the Name
23 of Cwm in the Parish of Tref Eglwys aforesaid Together
24 with the Garden or Gardens Land or Lands with all other
25 appurtenances and privileges which belong or appuertain
26 to the same. And my Will is any Timber that Grows or
27 shall become Growing on the said Garden or Gardens
28 Land or Lands should not be sold or destroyed by her
29 for any purpose whatsoever (except what is necessary of repairs)

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30 The same … … bequeath unto her … … …
31 of her natural Life and after her decease to be returned to
32 my Grand Son John Lewis Son of John Lewis of Bleanafon
33 in the County of Monmouth by Sarah his wife. All
34 and singular my said Dwelling House and Garden
35 or Gardens Land or Lands with all other appurtenances
36 and privileges belonging or appertaining to the same
37 The same I give Devise and bequeath unto and to the
38 use of my said Grandson his Heirs and assigns for
39 ever. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
40 and Seal this First Day of February in the year of our Lord
41 one thousand eight hundred and twenty one.

42 Signed Sealed published pronounced
43 declared by the said John Lewis
44 as his Last Will and Testament
45 in the presence of us the subscribers
46 Richard Pugh Junr
47 David Pugh
48 John Pugh

49 John Lewis

50 On the twelfth day of January in the year of our
51 Lord 1822 the above written will was …noted
52 proved, approved, and in common form of Law
53 Decreed valid and administration granted to the
54 above named Executrix Jane Lewis, she being first
55 … in common form of Law and that the whole
56 of the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said deceased
57 do not amount in value to twenty pounds

58 before me
59 John Davies Surrogate

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60 Trefeglwys
61 John Lewis
62 Will under £20
63 Probate granted 1 July 1822
64 Will of
65 John Lewis

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66 A True and just Inventory of all the
67 goods and chattels moveables and immovable
68 of the late deceased John Lewis of the
69 Parish of Trefeglwys and County of Montgomery
70 Appraised by us this Twenty Eight Day
71 of December 1821
72 Whose Names are hear under subscribed

73 £ – s – d
74 Horse Saddle and Wearing apparel 3-10-0
75 One Cow 4-0-0
76 One Turf Cart 2-10-0
77 Kitchen household furniture 4-0-0
78 Upstairs furniture 2-0-0
79 Working tools and shop 3-10-0

80 £19-10-0

81 David Davies
82 John Swancott

A transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1822/153/W and B/1822/153/I
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, vii.v.mmxxii

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