Will: Martha PRYCE, Blaencwm, 1850

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1 This is the last Will and Testament
2 of me Martha Pryce of Blaencwm in the
3 Parish of Trefeglwys in the County of Montgomery
4 Widow as follows. First I give and devise and
5 bequeath to my daughter Ann Pryce her heirs
6 and assigns the [crossed out: the part of the] House and Garden
7 she now occupies. Also I give and devise and
8 bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Pryce her heirs
9 and Assigns [crossed out: the part of] the House she does now
10 live in and the whole of the Land with the
11 appertenances thereto belonging and my household
12 goods her paying my just debts and funeral
13 expences whom I likewise constitute make
14 and ordain my sole Executrix of this my last
15 Will and Testament In witness whereof
16 I have set my hand this Twenty fifth day of
17 October One thousand eight hundred and
18 forty eight

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19 Signed and declared by
20 the said Martha Pryce Martha Pryce X
21 as her last Will and Testament
22 in the presence of us the Subscribers
23 Edward Carter Senior
24 Edward Benbow

25 On the nineteenth day of October in the year of our
26 Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty
27 the above written will was insinuated, proved, approved and
28 in common form of law decreed valid, and administration
29 granted to the within named Executrix, Elizabeth Pryce
30 she being first sworn in common form of law, and that
31 the whole of the goods, chattels and credits of the said
32 deceased, do not amount in value to Twenty Pounds

33 Before me,
34 E. Pughe, Surrogate

35 The deceased died the 8th day of March 1850

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36 Trefeglwys
37 The Will of
38 Martha Pryce
39 Under £20
40 Probate granted 7th November 1850

41 E. Pughe
42 Surrogate

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43 A True and Perfect Inventory of all the
44 Goods Chattels and Effects of the late
45 Martha Pryce of Blaencwm in the
46 Parish of Trefeglwys in the County of
47 Montgomery Widow deceased

48 Wearing Apparel 1 – 0 – 0
49 Clock and Case 1 – 5 – 0
50 Cupboard – – 10 – 0
51 Shelves and Earthen Ware – – 5 – 0
52 Spice Cupbard – – 2 – 6
53 Table – 1 – 0
54 Loom – – 7 – 6
55 Pot and and Teakettle – – 1 – 0

56 Witness our hand this … Day of April
57 one Thousan Eight Hundred and Forty Nine

58 Edward Carter
59 Edward Lloyd

Page 5

60 Executors Affidavit

62 Appeared personally Elizabeth Pryce of Blaencwm
63 in the parish of Trefeglwys, in the County of
64 Montgomery, Spinster, the

65 Executrix named in the last Will and Testament of Martha
66 Pryce of the same place, her late Mother,

67 and made Oath that the said Deceased died on or about the Eighth day
68 of March One thousand, eight hundred and Forty nine.
69 That she hath made diligent search and due enquiry after and in respect
70 of the Personal Estate and Effects of the said Deceased, in order to ascertain the
71 full amount and value thereof. And that the whole of the Goods, Chattels, and
72 Credits of which the said Deceased died possessed within the Diocese of Bangor,
73 (exclusive of what the said Deceased may have been possessed of, or entitled to as
74 Trustee for any other person, or persons, and not beneficially, but including the
75 leasehold Estate for years of the said Deceased, whether absolute or determinable
76 on a life or lives, and without deducting any thing on account of debts due and
77 owiug from the said Deceased,) are under the value of
78 Twenty Pounds to the
79 best of this Deponent’s knowledge information and belief. And this Depo-
80 nenet further saith that the said Deceased had no personal Estate and Effects at
81 the time of her decease, within any other Diocese to which this Depo-
82 nent need to Administer.

83 The mark X
84 Elizabeth Pryce

85 Sworn on the nineteenth day
86 of October One thousand
87 eight hundred and fifty
88 Before me, E Pughe

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90 [seal/stamp] SHROPSHIRE 21/7/.. 1

92 Is the GOODS of Martha Pryce deceased.

93 Appeared personally Edward Carter of the Estate of Llanidloes
94 in the Parish of Llanidloes in the County of Montgomery
95 and made Oath that he is one of the subscribed Witnesses to the last Will
96 and Testament of Martha Pryce late
97 of Blaencwm in the Parish of Trefeglwys
98 in the County of Montgomery Widow deceased, and hereunto annexed.
99 And he further made Oath that on the twenty fifth day of October
100 One thousand eight hundred and forty eight the said Testatrix
101 duly executed her said Will by making her mark at the foot or
102 end thereof, in the presence of this Deponent, and of Edward Benbow of
103 Berllawdeg, Trefeglwys, the other Subscribed Witness thereto, who
104 was present at the same time. And this Deponent and the said Edward
105 Benbow thereupon attested and Subscribed the said
106 Will in the presence of the said Testatrix And this Deponent further
107 saith that the words “the parts of” now appearing obliterated
108 in two places in the said Will were so obliterated previous to
109 the Execution thereof by the said Testatrix

110 Edward Carter Senior

111 The seventh day of November
112 One thousand eight hundred and Fifty,
113 the said Edward Carter was duly Sworn to
114 the truth of this Affidavit
115 Before me
116 E. Pughe

This is a transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1850/220/W and B/1850/220/I
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, xviii.ix.mmxi

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