1881 census: District 13, Page 1

Civil Parish or Township
Bodaioch, Trefeglwys

Rural Sanitary District
Newtown & Llanidloes

District of

John EVANS Head U 53 Farmer Mont Trefeglwys –
Evan EVANS Nephew U 19 Farmers Nephew Mont Trefeglwys –
Sarah EVANS Neice U 23 Housekeeper Mont Trefeglwys –
Margaret EVANS Serv – 14 General Dom Serv Mont Trefeglwys –
Thos HUMPHREYS Serv U 20 Ag Serv Mont Trefeglwys –

David EVANS Head 38 Mason Mont Trefeglwys –
Elizabeth EVANS Wife 33 – Mont Trefeglwys –
Mary EVANS Daur 12 Scholar Mont Trefeglwys –
Sarah EVANS Daur 9 Scholar Mont Trefeglwys –
Margaret EVANS Daur 6 Scholar Mont Trefeglwys –
Elizabeth EVANS Daur 2 – Mont Trefeglwys –

David EVANS Head 59 Farmer Mont Trefeglwys –
Ann EVANS Wife 58 – Mont Llanbrynmair –
David EVANS Son 28 Farmers Son Mont Trefeglwys –
Margt EVANS Daur 19 Farmers Daur Mont Trefeglwys –
Evan EVANS Son 17 Farmers Son Mont Trefeglwys –
Richd EVANS Son 13 Farmers Son Mont Trefeglwys –

Edward LLOYD Head Mar 76 Farmer Mont Trefeglwys –
Mary LLOYD Wife Mar 73 – Mont Trefeglwys –
David LLOYD Son U 30 Farmers Son Mont Trefeglwys –
Sarah LLOYD Daur U 41 Farmers Daur Mont Trefeglwys –
Hannah LLOYD Daur – 11 Scholar Mont Trefeglwys –
Jonathan COATES Serv – 15 General Serv Mont Trefeglwys –

Ref RG 11/5482

Transcribed by Alison Bryan, as part of the Trefeglwys 1881 census collection. A list of links for the 1881 census pages can be found here.

One response to “1881 census: District 13, Page 1”

  1. The farm for David Evans and family is Penrorin. David Evans is my great great grandfather who lived on the Penrorin farm and appears there on the 1891 and 1901 censuses.

    There is a lot of confusion over the name. Older OS maps show it as Pen’rorin and it might have been abbreviated from Pen-y-rorin.

    I believe he also farmed nearby Cwmberllan as well (which appears as Cwm-y-berllan on the old OS maps) and his son Evan Evans moves into the Cwnberllan property and is farming it in 1891. Evan then takes over farming both farms by 1901 – moving back to Penrorin – and his widowed father is shown living with him in 1901.

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