1841 census: District 05, Description

Enumerator’s Schedule

County of

Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of

Parish of
Tref Eglwys part of the

Township of
Maestrefgomer & Bodaioch

Superintentant Registrar’s District
Newtown & Llandloes

Registrar’s District
Llanidloes Lower

Number of Enumeration District

Description of ditto
Trefeglwys Parish from Stone Bridge in the Village of Trefeglwys to Ffrydd in a northerly direction

Ref: HO 107/1436/10

Transcribed by Alison Bryan, as part of the Trefeglwys 1841 census collection. A list of links for the 1841 census pages can be found here.

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