Will: Thomas HALL, 1744

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1 In the name of God Amen: I Thomas Hall being in
2 a moderate state of health or knowing my self frail
3 and mortal, and of disposing mind and memory praise be
4 to God do make constitute ordain this my Last Will and
5 Testament in manor and form following, and after Christin
6 refomondation of soul and Body I dispose of my worldly
7 goods as followeth, first I will ye all my Depts and
8 funeral Charges be first paid and discharged, I allso
9 give and bequeath unto Anne Hall my Eldest daughter
10 the sum of sixty pounds to be paid when she comes to
11 the age of one and twenty years, I allso give and bequeath
12 unto Elizabeth Hall my Second Daughter the sum of
13 .i.ety pounds and the one half of my Houshold goods
14 I allso give grant devise and bequeath unto Christopher
15 Hall my Eldest son all my Real Estate wich I had
16 from Thomas Hall my Father he paying out of my
17 so Estate the sum of two pounds yearly unto Anne Taner
18 my Aunt during her term of Life, and whereas it
19 appears by my (marriage settlement Between me and pay
20 wife Elizabeth and I have Reserved a power to charge
21 any sum of money not exceeding sixty pounds upon my
22 said Estate, now by virtue of the said power I do hereby
23 charge my said Estate or any part or parcel of it with
24 the payment of [crossed out]
25 [line crossed out]
26 [line crossed out]
27 [line crossed out]
28 [line crossed out]
29 [line crossed out]
30 [crossed out] whereas Ten pound of the said Twenty was given by John
31 Hall my Brother five pound by Sarah Hall my sister … [interlined:] …
32 for Timber [crossed out] and wheras I purchased
33 and Estate called Llwyn.en from Richard Savage Land [interlined:] …
34 now I give grant and Devise all that my messuage called Llwyn
35 with its appurtenaning name in the .en..e and occupation
36 Evan Lewis excepting and reserving Caeyr Benglog .i.his
37 in my own possession to my own use, unto Christopher
38 Hall my Brother Edward Bennett my Brother in Law John
39 Savage my cousin and Andrew Savage my cousin they o.
40 some of them to Receive the yearly Rents and to pay yearly

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[duplicate of image 1]

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Left side:

41 I de..e this will may be transcribed if it pleas
42 God to call me before I can do it my self
43 It is my will the five pounds which is in Evan Lewis
44 hand be Returned and paid over to the use of the
45 poor of Tref Egwlys for Ever in Liew of my
46 sister Sarah Legacy,, I do grant give and devise all
47 all the Llwyn .en unto Thomas Hall my youngest
48 son subject to the provisioe. hereafter named for my
49 [word added in margin:] Execturix and Trustees paying out of the said Llwynosen the sum of
50 one Hundred pounds to Owen Owen Gent of Newtown
51 with its Lawfull Interest I allso give grant and devise
52 my two meadowes in Bodaioch called Dol.o.er and Rho.s Goc.h
53 my Executrix and Trustees paying firs out of the same
54 sum of one Hundred pounds unto Charles Ashton and in
55 Lawfull Interest, and I do charge my eldest son
56 Christopher Hall to pay out of my Fathers Estate the sum
57 of Twenty pounds unto Thomas Hall my younger son
58 when the said Thomas, shall attain unto the age of one and twenty years
59 and whereas I have given by this will, the sum of sixty
60 pound unto my Eldest Daughter, I do now give fifety to the
61 Eldest, and the sum of fourty to the youngest and all my
62 Household goods to be divided equally between my two said
63 Daughters Anne and Elizabeth whom they shall come
64 to one and twenty years on day of their marriage
65 and name my Loving Brother Christopher and Edwd Benet
66 my Brother in Law to be ocerseers or Trustees and des.. [desire?] the
67 to assist my poor wife who is my Exerutix to … sa..
68 sums of money as shall be need futher upon the said Bought La[page ripped]
69 towards paying the persons above named
70 and two pound to be paid yearly
71 unto … .aner for her Life

72 June 10th 1739

Right side:

73 yearly out of the said Rents the sum of five pounds unto Matthew
74 Richards untill his tearm of mortgage shall be expired and
75 then he is to Receive the sum of one Hundred pound and they
76 are Likewise to pay out of the said Tenement the sum of
77 five pounds yearly unto Owen Owens [interlined three words:] of Newtown Gent until such time as
78 the said Owen Owens Gent shall Receive the sum of one hundred
79 pound, and I do absolutely give full power and authority
80 to any two or more of ye aforementioned persons raise or
81 advance any sum or sums of money upon the said promise
82 not Exceeding two Hundred pound toward the paying
83 and discharging of the above named Mathew Richards
84 and Owen Owens Gent, and I do hereby farther give
85 absolute power and Authority unto the above named
86 Christopher Hall Tanor of Newtown my Brother Edward
87 Bennett my Brother in Law John Savage my cousin [crossed out: and]
88 Andrew Savage my cousin to Raise and advance the sum
89 of one Hundred pounds upon my two meadows in
90 Bodaioch and Cae Benglog Toward paying Charles
91 Ashton the sum of one Hundred pound I Borrowed
92 of him and I do [interlined one word:] hereby give grant Devise and Bequeath all
93 that Tenement or messuage with the appurtenments
94 called Llwyn Tew and Caer Benglog and my two
95 meadows in Bodaioch unto Christopher Hall Edward Bennett
96 John Savage Andrew Savage my Trustee, they
97 paying the several sums of money above mentioned
98 unto the persons above named untill such time that
99 my son Christopher Hall shall attain to the age of
100 one and twenty years of age all the Rest of my …
101 I give and Bequeath unto Elizabeth [interlined one word:] Hall my Loving Wife
102 whom I appoint soul Executrix of this my Last Will
103 and Testament in Testimony whereof I have sett my
104 [page torn]aled [interlined one word:] hand published and declared
105 to be my Last Will and Testament

106 Thomas Hall
107 [seal]

108 in the presence of

109 X The marke of X
110 Edward Ble..
111 John Jones
113 Mary X Thomas
114 Mark

Page 5

115 August the 10th 1744
116 Then this will was proved in Common form
117 of law, and validity thereof allowed and
118 administration granted to the Executrix the
119 being first personally sworn on the hand directly
120 by me
121 John Morris Surgate

122 The Will of
123 Thomas Hall
124 1744

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125 … one pound yearly to the use of the poor of the parish of
126 Trevegloes for ever, until such time or time of my Son
127 Christopher Hall shall lay out twenty pounds upon good
128 security to the use and benefit of the poor for ever
129 and I do charge my said son to pay the said one pound
130 yeary at the feast of St Thomas of Apostle at the
131 oversight of the Church Wardens –

132 … [interlined two words:] … ..n at the Executrix Trustees and others concerned
133 in this will allow this to be the true intent and
134 meaning of the testator and desire that it may be
135 inserted in the Coppy

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[duplicate of image 6]

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136 A true and perfect Inventory of all the
137 Goods cattle Chattells and personal Estate of
138 Thomas Hall, of the Parish of Trefeglwys in
139 the County of Montgomery and District of Bangor
140 lately Deceased appraised and valued the Eighteenth
141 Day of May in the year of [interlined one word:] our Lord 1744

142 £ – S – D
143 Imprimis His horse Bridle and Sadle and wearing apparel 10 – 0 – 0
144 Imprimis Six Oxen 21 – 20 – 0
145 Imprimis Three 2 year old Heifers 6 – 0 – 0
146 Imprimis Five yearling Calves 5 – 0 – 0
147 Imprimis 2 two year old Bullocks 4 – 10 – 0
148 Imprimis Eight Cows and Calves 24 – 0 – 0
149 Imprimis One old Horse and one mare and Calf 5 – 0 – 0
150 Imprimis Forty yearling sheep 8 – 0 – 0
151 Imprimis Forty Weather Sheep 10 – 0 – 0
152 Imprimis Twenty Barren Ewes 4 – 0 – 0
153 Imprimis Forty Ewes and Lambs 10 – 0 – 0
154 Imprimis Corn in the house and in Ground 4 – 10 – 0
155 Imprimis Two Piggs 1 – 0 – 0
156 Imprimis Implements of Husbandry 2 – 0 – 0
157 Imprimis Poultry of all Sorts 0 – 5 – 0
158 Imprimis Household Goods in Every particular 30 – 0 – 0

159 Total 145 – 15 – 0

160 Appraisers
161 John Savage
162 Nicholas Bennet

Image 9

[duplicate of image 8]

Image 10

163 TrefEglwys
162 The Will of Thomas Hall
163 Proved August 18th 1744

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[duplicate of image 10]

A transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1744/116/W, B/1744/116/W(ii) and B/1744/116/I
Transcribed by Julie Fischer Preston, mmvi and further worked on by Alison Bryan, vii.x.mmxi

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