Will: Rev. Roderick LEWIS, 1803

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1 In the name of God Amen, I Roderic Lewis of Trefeglwys in the County of Mont-
2 gomery, Clerk, Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner
3 and Form following
4 First, I give and bequeath unto my Wife Elizabeth the sum of five pounds and the Bed
5 and Bedstead with their Appurtenances in the Rood where I lie, and the Chest she
6 had of her Parents, and two Chairs of Oak Timber and two Chairs of Ash Timber
7 two round Tea Tables one of Oak and the other of Ash Boards, two large Porter Dishes
8 and three small ones, three large earthon Dishers, and a Dozen of earthen Plates, two
9 smal Iron Ports and one Iron Kettle, six Knives and Forks and all her wearing Apparel
10 and Linen, and the best falling Table in the Kitchen, one Tea Kettle and two Tea Pots and Six China
11 Tea Cups and Saucers and six small Silver Tea Spoons Also I give and bequeath
12 unto my Daughter Martha the sum of one Hundred Pounds and the Tea Table of oak Timber
13 lately made, in the wife Loft up stairs, and another Table in the said Room up stairs
14 lately made of Maple-boards Also I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth the wife of Morris Davies two Shillings
15 Also I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Margaret the Sum of forty Pounds Also I
16 give and bequeath unto my Son William the sum of thirty pounds. Also I give and
17 bequeath unto my son Thomas the sum of thirty pounds also I charge my real
18 Estate called Llwyngofre situate in the Parish of Yspthy Ystwith [Ysbyty Ystwyth] in the County of
19 Cardigan with the sum of forty pounds to be equally divided by my Executor
20 hereafter named between my two sons William and Thomas, besides their
21 several Legacies before mentioned. All the Rest Residue and Remainder of my
22 goods and Chattels money and monies due to me by Bonds Bills Notes or
23 otherwise I give and bequeath unto my Son the Reverend Roderic Lewis
24 whom I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my Sole Executor and Residue
25 any Legale[s]e of this my of this my last Will and Testament I and my Will is that my
26 said Executor pay all my Debts and funeral Expenses. In Witness whereof

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27 I have hereunto subscribed my name, sealed signed and delivered in the Presence
26 of us, who at my Request and in the Presence of each other have hereunto sub-
28 subscribed our names the Twenty Third Day of June in the year of our Lord one
29 Thousand Eight Hundred and Two

30 Roderic Lewis Clerk [seal]

31 Thomas Issard Grocer Trefeglwys
32 Matthew Davies Farmer

33 The words crossed out in the second line – the word crossed out and anotehr
34 inserted in the fifth line – the word crossed out and other
35 two words interlined in the seventh line – the words interlined in the ninth
36 line – the words interlined in the tenth line – the words interlined in the
37 fourteenth line – the word interlined in the twenty fifth line, were all
38 inserted before the signing and sealing of this will

39 Witness our names the Day and Year above written
40 Thomas Issard Grocer Trefeglwys
41 Matthew Davies Farmer

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42 On the Seventeenth day of June in the year of our Lord one
43 thousand seven hundred and three the within written will was
44 insinuated proved approved and in common form of Law declared
45 Valid and Administration granted to the writin named Roderic
46 Lewis he being f.. personally sworn on this Holy Evangelists in
47 Common form of Law nad that the whole of the Goods Chattels
48 and Credits of the said Deceased do not Amount in Value to
49 the Sum of Three hundred pounds

50 Before me
51 Thomas Lewis X
52 Surrogate

Page 4

53 Tref Eglwys
54 Roderic Lewis
55 Will under 300£
56 Proved 17th June 1803
57 Probate granted 1st August 1803

Page 5

58 A true and perfect Inventory of Goods Chattles Personal
59 Estate and Effects of the Reverend Roderick Lewis of Tref Eglwys in the
60 County of Montgomery deceased made by us whose Names are
61 hereunto subscribed this 9th day of August in the year of our
62 Lord 1802

63 House and Sable 5-0-0
64 A Colt 4-0-0
65 3 Cows 18-0-0
66 2 Pigs and Poultry 5-5-0
67 14 Sheet £7-0-0 )
68 6 Lambs 1-4-0 ) 8-4-0
69 Implements of Husbandry 3-0-0

70 In the Kitchen – Clock )
71 Carthen(?) and ..ter Plats and Dishes )
72 Dresser &c ) 7-0-0
73 2 Tables and 1 Cheese Press 1-11-6

74 In the Parlour – 1 Bed and Bedding )
75 2 Tables )
76 6 Chairs ) 6-0-0

77 In the Library – 1 Cloths Press )
78 Book Case and Books )
79 2 Small Tables )
80 2 Chairs and 1 Looking Glass ) 12-0-0

81 Bed Rooms adjoining the Parlour – 1 Bed and Bedding )
82 Tables and Chairs )
83 2 Chether(?) 1 Looking Glass )
84 A Coffier with some Oatinment )
85 and Bacon ) 12-0-0

86 Carried forward £87—6

Page 6

87 Amount brought foward £87—6

88 Servants Room – 2 Beds and Bedding ) 6-0-0
89 2 Coffier )
90 Scullery and Pantry 2-0-0
91 Dairy and Brewing Utensils 1-10-0
92 A Bond for due by A. Jones 200-0-00

93 £296-10-6

94 Thomas Owen
95 William Brown

96 Inventory of the
97 Reverend R. Lewis of
98 Tref-Eglwys deceased

Transcription of this digital image at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1803/190/W and B/1803/190/I
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, viii.v.mmxxii

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