Will: Valentine ASHTON, Llawryglyn, 1847

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1 In the name of God Amen! I Valentine Ashton of Llawryglyn, [interlined three words:] Parish of Trefeglwys,
2 in the count of Montgomery, being weak in health, but of sound and
3 disposing mind, memory and understanding, blessed be God for the same,
4 do, this 28th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
5 hundred and forty-four, make, publish, and declare this my last
6 will and testament, in manner and form following; that is to say,
7 first and principally, I command my soul unto the hands of Almighty
8 God my Creator, hoping for a glorious resurrection and a re-
9 mission of all my sins through the merits and mediation of my
10 blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and my body I commit
11 to the earth, to be decently interred at the discretion of my
12 Executors hereinafter named. – And as to such worldly estate of
13 which I may die possessed, I give and bequeath the same as follows:

14 I give and bequeath unto my Brother John Ashton of Cwmdylluan, in
15 the parish of Llanidloes, Farmer; and to Brother Richard Ashton, ?Tinisaenanlerf,
16 in the said Parish of Llanidoes, and to my sister Mary Smith of Glynhafren, near
17 Llanidloes, the sum of £10 each. – Also to my nephew Edward Jerman,
18 of Esgir, in the parish of Llandinam, Farmer, the sum of £20, and to my neice
19 Ann George of Cwmfron, near Llanidloes, £20; and to my nephews John
20 and Richard Ashton, of the said Cwmdylluan, £10 each; and to my nephew
21 Edward Ashton, of the said Cwmdylluan £20; and to my nieces Mary and
22 Hannah Ashton of the said Cwmdylluan, £10 each; and to my nephew
23 Richard and John Smith of the said Glynhafren £20 each; and to my
24 neice Elizabeth Jarman of the said Glynhafren £20; and to Mary Humphreys,
25 wife of Andrew Humphreys, Blacksmith, Llawryglyn, parish of Trefeglwys, the
26 sum of £10.

27 And I give and bequeath unto my executors hereinafter named
28 the sum of £400 towards the keeping of a day-school at the Wesleyan Chapel,
29 at Carno, and at Llawryglyn; to be conducted according to the principle and
30 regulations of the Wesleyan Methodist; the Schoolmasters to be Wesleyan
31 Methodist Local Preachers, or Leaders, and to be appointed from time
32 to time by my said Executors, and after their death by the Superintendant
33 Preacher of the Llanidloes Circuit, in union with the Quarterly Meeting of the said Circuit.

34 Also I give and bequeath unto my wife the Interest of £400 yearly as long
35 as she remains my widow; b ut if she will marry to any one, that the said £400
36 with their interest, be taken from her and applied as hereinafter menitioned. Also
37 I give unto her for ever all my Household Goods and Furniture, my Shop Goods, and
38 all the debts due for goods from the Shop, towards depaying my funeral expenses
39 and all my debts.

40 Also I give and bequeath after the death of my widow, the above £400 to be
41 applied towards the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in Foreign Parts, and the Llani
42 dloes Circuit at home; viz £200 to be given to the Missionary Society, and the Interest of
43 £200 yearly for ever to support the Ministry in the Llanidloes Circuit.

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44 And I give and bequeath to my hereinafter named Executor the
45 sum of £34-0-0 to be applied by the trustees of a Wesleyan Chapel
46 at Twllynebol, when the same will be formed towards building
47 the said Chapel in the above place.

48 And I do hereby nominate constitute, and appoint my
49 kind Friends John Jones, printer, Llanidloes, in the County of
50 Montgomery, and John Davies, Farmer of Bryntail, parish of Llanidloes,
51 said county of Montgomery, to be my Executors for carrying
52 this my last will and testament into effect and the survivor of them,
53 and the executors or administrators of such survivrors, to be
54 executors of this my will, and in consideration of the trouble
55 thus imposed upon them, I do hereby give and bequeath unto
56 each of my said executors the legacy or sum of
57 £50- free of legacy duty and all other deductions. And hereby
58 revoking all former or other wills by me at any time made,
59 I the said Valentine Ashton do to this which I declare
60 to be my last will and testament, set my hand this
61 28th day of May, 1844

62 Signed by the Testator
63 Valentine Ashton
64 [seal]

65 Witnesses
66 John Rowlands
67 [seal]

68 Thomas Ashton
69 [seal]

70 On the Twenty third day of January, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight
71 Hundred and Forty Seven, the above Will was insimated, proved, approved
72 and in common form of law decreed valid and administration granted to the
73 above named Executors John Jones and John Davies they being first sworn
74 in common form of law, and that the whole of the goods, chattels, and credits
75 of the said deceased do not amount in value to Fifteen Hundred
76 Pounds,

77 Before me,
78 E. Pughe, Surrogate

79 The deceased died the 13th day of January, 1847

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80 Trefeglwys
81 Valentine Ashton
82 Will – under £1,500
83 Probate granted 23rd January 1847

84 E. Pughe
85 Surrogate

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86 Inventory of all the Property of the late
87 Valentine Ashton of Llawryglyn, which
88 he possessed at the time of his decease,
89 as valued by me Richard Hughes, together
90 with the Trustees of the will and Effects
91 of the said Valentine Ashton.

92 Stock in Trade 19 – 17 – 0
93 Household Furniture, etc 13 – 17 – 6
94 In the Stable 5 – 5 – 0
95 Bonds and Papers, etc 1100 – 0 – 0
96 Cash in the House 127 – 11 – 4
97 To be expected from Debts due ) 25 – 0 – 0
98 on the Shop Book )

99 £ 1,291 – 10 – 0

100 The above Inventory is all correct
101 as witness our hands this 30th day of
102 January 1847

103 Andrew Humphreys
104 Richard Bennett
105 John Jones

A transcription of this digital image, held at the National Library of Wales.
References: B/1847/2776/W and B/1847/276/I
Transcribed by Alison Bryan, mmv and revised on the vii.x.mmxi

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